SJG Divisions.

Expert solutions

We are at heart a bespoke business, and we are organised accordingly – with divisions offering expert solutions in multiple areas.

  • Specialist Joinery
  • Specialist Glass
  • Specialist Metal
  • Specialist Installations
  • Specialist Marine
  • Specialist Academy

Specialist Joinery

32 years
180 team members

Transforming spaces through bespoke joinery was our core, founding discipline, and now has its own dedicated division.

In Specialist Joinery we employ high-precision CNC technology alongside traditional-honoured craft skills. We believe in both and invest in both. Because together, the results are spectacular – aesthetically and functionally, in projects that range from fit-outs for prestige hotels, apartments and statement office buildings to millimetre-perfect acoustic panelling and ceiling baffles created for a concert hall. Leading architects, developers, interior designers and contractors understand that they can depend our professionalism and proven expertise not just to deliver, but to enhance and add value to their projects.

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Specialist Glass

of bespoke products

More than any other material, glass has the property to transform with light. That takes real expertise – both technical and creative.

Our Glass division is constantly exploring news ways to deliver astounding results, from innovative lamination technologies that incorporate smart technology to writeable, magnetic surfaces, and so much more. Our bespoke solutions are used in an exceptionally wide range of environments, including premium office developments, hospitals, cruise ships and luxury spas and wellness suites. And we’re able to create seemingly impossible results such as two-way transparency that also delivers privacy. (Hint: it’s all about the secret layering.) Our in-house showroom gives clients an idea of the possibilities Specialist Glass provides – and offers plus the chance to collaborate with our technical and design team to create truly breathtaking and original solutions.

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Specialist Metal

of finishes

Many of our major clients come to us with one-off projects – a flagship building or corporate headquarters, a prestige development, a business school or research institute; a cruise liner or superyacht.

Naturally, such projects require one-off, bespoke design and fit-out solutions. Metal offers structural benefits and can also make a stunning architectural statement. Working with these materials requires a highly specialised skillset that combines a deep technical understanding plus the creative vision to employ them to the greatest effect. And so in this division we design and fabricate. We bend, wrap and fold. We create innovative finishes and seamless jointing. We deliver and install impact.

Specialist Installations

Rapid Response
Defect Free Delivery

This division provides a unique set of expert services – either in conjunction with other divisions or independently. The choice is yours.

Specialist Installations is founded on two crucial principles: precision and speed. By handling key aspects such logistics and liaising with project Health and Safety units, we are able to fast-track fit-outs, while ensuring quality control throughout. The team is highly experienced and motivated – and wholly focused on flawless delivery and handover. Where the emphasis in other divisions may be on fabrication, Specialist Installations is our service-based solutions arm. Before they are even given building access, they know the project intimately – and understand what needs to be done. That’s the key to being able to work quickly and accurately.

Specialist Marine

Global delivery
Precision Processes

Sometimes the material provides the challenge, and sometimes it’s the setting itself. In this case, it’s both. And that’s why we set up Specialist Marine.

It takes true, in-depth understanding of the unique technical requirements of outfitting a cruise ship, a cargo vessel or yacht. Form, functionality, materials, aesthetics and logistics all have to come together with in-depth proven expertise. What’s more, as with all our divisions, Specialist Marine offers a complete, seamless solution, from initial consultation, specification and design through to manufacture, transport, delivery and installation. Our state-of-the-art technical facilities allow us to produce prototypes and samples quickly for in-situ application, and our project management team controls the programmes of work to ensure comprehensive end-to-end results.

Specialist Academy

2014 Established
32 Apprentices

There are two distinct aspects to the Group: our commitment to technology and our commitment to traditional craft skills. Our Academy brings together these two sides of our nature, like a perfect dovetail joint.

Intake to the Academy is strictly limited (and competition for places is intense). Each apprentice benefits from expert one-to-one mentoring and training towards recognised professional qualifications. They also learn vital problem-solving skills – a central part of what we do. By working to inspire the next generation we are investing in people, preserving skills and helping to shape our own future. (Indeed, many of our former apprentices have gone on to senior roles within the Group.) And there’s more. The Academy also provides opportunities for craftspeople across our divisions to enhance their skills and explore innovation.